Smart, Cloud-native Apps without hiccups

Imroz helps dreamers build software products which deliver experiences that modern customers expect.

Reasons to build smart, cloud-native software

Competitive edge and evolving consumer needs can be fulfilled only by bespoke, intelligent, dynamic software.

Software essential to Competitive Edge

Every business out there is adopting digital practices and can deploy off-the-shelf solutions. Organisations must build their own software for areas essential to their competitive edge.

Quick Rollout of New Features

To maintain your competitive edge, you have to innovate continuously. Businesses need technology architectures and processes which enable you to build and release quickly with excellent quality.

More Intelligence and Insights

The modern users expect software to be intelligent and provide them with multiple smart ways of interaction. Businesses want more visibility of metrics with access to powerful tools for data exploration.

Lesser Costs and No Vendor Lock-in

Businesses don’t want upfront costs which aren’t proportional to value addition. They want flexibility and control over their software architecture so that any future needs can be managed with low risks.

We provide all the ingredients of modern software!

We have focused on and have developed competency in all the areas necessary to build smart, cloud-native applications with great user experience.

Product & Digital Strategy

Every project starts with analysis of the challenges and determining the most practical path towards better user experience and profitability.

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Cloud-native App Development

There are many ways to build an app but we adopt cloud tech and development platforms which won’t fail you in the long haul.

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Machine Learning & Analytics

Customers now expect every app to be smart, and business people want more insights. Building intelligence into software is not optional anymore.

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Sensible processes & pricing

We follow processes which clearly define the deliverables and make following the project progress effortless. We adopt agile principles and best practices for DevOps to deliver quality software, along with milestone based pricing.

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We are driven by the basic spirit of balance and optimism enabling us to communicate candidly, advice sincerely and focus on making the best of every situation.

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We like talking and exploring ideas

Talking to us is free. We will understand your challenges and try being useful so that you can make progress.

“Great results, can be achieved with small forces.”
– Sun Tzu, The Art of War