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Big data stream computing pipeline for realtime campaign delivery

We worked as SAS’s local development partner to design and deliver the solution to Telenor Pakistan. The pipeline extracted, cleaned and processed network logs to generate campaign decisions in realtime.

Technologies: Apache Camel, SAS Event Stream Processor

Smart, cloud-native application to manage field sales operations

We developed next-gen fullstack application, incorporating intelligence and analytics at multiple levels.

Technologies: React, React Native, Node, Flask, Tensorflow, Kubernetes, Helm, Ambassador, Prometheus, Grafana, Sentry, Drone CI, Superset

Big data pipeline for realtime network performance monitoring

We delivered a fully working prototype for extracting network logs, normalising, processing and indexing for realtime performance alerting for the largest telecom network in Pakistan.

Technologies: Nifi, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, Elasticsearch, Kibana

Cloud-native infrastructure, DevOps platforms and Security

We managed cloud infrastructure and DevOps enabling platforms for the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange in Estonia.

Technologies: Kubernetes, Istio, Helm, Gitlab, Prometheus, Grafana, Beyond Corp Proxy

Data pipeline for web analytics delivered over Kubernetes

We delivered a big data pipeline for collecting web visitor logs, cleaning and processing for realtime behaviour monitoring.

Technologies: Apache Kafka, Apache Druid, Apache Superset, Kubernetes, Helm

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