Sensible processes and pricing for clarity & success!

Ventures should be successful, we make sure that happens through solid delivery processes and milestone linked pricing.


Requirements Analysis

Clarity is the key to successful outcomes. The first step in any project is to analyse the challenges at hand in detail and reach a strategy to prioritise certain outcomes above others.

In the next steps, user experience is designed for the desired outcomes, in terms of user stories and wireframes. These functional specifications form the basis of the project delivery plan.



Agile Process

While we follow an extensive requirements analysis process, the fact remains that sometimes business needs change and the initially captured functional specifications are no longer completely relevant.

Agile principles welcome changing requirements, even late in development and harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage. We keep our focus on effective outcomes for users instead of being too focused on the line-by-line delivery of a specification document.

Agile methodology also allows for open communications, iterative and frequent deliveries, where working software is the primary measure of progress. This combined with DevOps best practices creates a winning combination.

Individuals and Interactions
are preferred over
Processes and Tools
Collaboration with Customer
is preferred over
Contract Negotiations
Delivery of Working Software
is preferred over
Extensive Documentation
Responding to Change
is preferred over
Following a Pre-defined Plan

Milestone linked Pricing

Typically, scope creep in software development projects lead to cost over-runs. Since we follow agile principles and focus on outcomes instead of line-by-line delivery of specifications, we are able to keep the project cost manageable while achieving the business goals.

Since delivery of working software is the only measure of progress, our pricing model defines a cost per sprint worth of work and the charges for a sprint become payable only after successful delivery.

This methodology assures that you are only paying for delivery of working software and you are able to measure value delivered to you.