Bright, practical and sincere team on your side!

You want a partner who cares for your success and can walk the talk. You have come to the right place.

Balance & Optimism

Our basic value and spirit as a company is to have a bright, fresh outlook on everything and not obsess over any single idea so much so as to lose sight of everything else.

Imroz means “the present day”, referring to our work in modern technologies, mindfulness, balance, and relentless spirit to continue doing the right thing.

We are not “ninjas”, or “superheroes”, we don’t want to “blow minds” or do “awesome shit”. We are simply a reasonable technology company who wants to do progressive work and make pragmatic decisions for ourselves and our customers.

What makes us different

Technology Vision

Insights into the future of technology and changing customer and business needs.

Structured Processes

Software development and delivery processes designed to make ventures successful.


Our focus is on being practical, and achieving your business goals and outcomes.

Cultural Fit

Communication methods and practices which are known to work at multi-cultural organisations.


We have worked with businesses and startups large and small all across the world.

Value for Money

Based in Pakistan, we are able to provide excellent services at very reasonable costs.

The Team

Jaffar Hussain
Founder & CEO

Amir Butt
Technical Sales Manager

Muhammad Asfandyar
Product Manager

Irfan Murtaza
Fullstack Competency Lead

Mubashar Khawar
Machine Learning Competency Lead

Omer Butt
Cloud Infrastructure Competency Lead

Our Advisors

Hasan Jamal, PhD
Distributed Computing & Algorithms

Hassan Mohy-ud-Din, PhD
Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Maissom Abbasi, PhD
Software Quality & Test Automation

Nakhat Fatima, PhD
Natural Language Processing

Corporate Memberships